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CSI Newsletters and Flyers get posted frequently, here's the latest! 
    (note you will also find downloadable brochures and materials in our downloads section here).

2022 November Newsletter

2022 Spring Newsletter

2021 November Newsletter, Christmas dinner reservation form, glossary of Housebarn and era connected terms, progress and vintage photos

2021 September Newsletter, stories of old times, recent times, mortar, cement, stone, artifacts galore!

2021 July Newsletter, family histories and activities, Manitowoc and First Peoples history, CSI organization history, how the Housebarn was built.

2021 March Newsletter

2021 January Newsletter

2020 Summer TriFold Brochure

2020 November Newsletter

2020 June Newsletter

2019 Fall / 2020 Winter Newsletter, news of German Heritage Days, Centreville novel by Dr. Wiegand, fundraiser and LHB 2019 accomplishments and photos, membership renewal forms.

2019 German Heritage Day poster/flier/registration form.

2019 German Heritage Day poster.

2019 Spring/Summer Newsletter.

2018 Fall / 2019 Winter Newsletter, tells of 2018 accomplishments, 2019 plans.  Details of heritage gardening, hops, music, restoration, Christmas dinner, membership forms.

2018 Summer Flier with workday schedule, season highlights, membership form.

2018 Spring Newsletter, covering Lutze Housebarn Highlights, Bread Baking Bee info and order form, 2008 flashback- some science and practical side of clay in-fill systems, garden plans.

2018 May 5th Bread Making Workshop brochure

2017 Fall Newsletter, year's accomplishments, stone masonry, heritage garden, old-time skills workshop, holiday events

2017 Summer Newsletter, our first "Pictorial Version", check it out!

2017 Season 3fold flier, July release

2017 Aug 19th Old Time Trades Workshop

2017 Aug 19th Immigrant Days poster

2017 Spring Newsletter

2017 May 6th Bread Making Workshop brochure

2017 May 6th Bread Ordering Form

2017 Season 3fold Flier first release

2016 November/December newsletter, covering LHB Restoration, stump puller, heritage garden news, Christmas Dinner reservation info, membership form.

2016 October newsletter, CSI timeline, Open House overview w/lots of pics, hiking trail, Aug 27 workday review, volunteer opportunities, membership info, hi-res 12mb version, or low-res <1mb

2016 May, mini-newsletter, Rummage Sale info, July 23rd Open House Plans, workday schedule, bake oven news

2016 "Making History" summer flyer, overview and workdays schedule

2015 November CSI Newsletter

2013 "Making History" summer flyer, overview and workdays schedule

CSI Newsletter, 2011 Annual

CSI Newsletter, 2010 Fourth Quarter

  • Ideas on industrialization
  • Old Fashioned Christmas Dinner Invitation for December 6th
  • Heritage gardening
  • Sheboygan County Historical Annual Expo
  • Tribute to four long time members and volunteers
  • Bake Oven Day and bake oven plans
  • Walking trail progress report
  • Lutze Housebarn happenings

2009 Second Saturdays Olde Fashioned Movie Nights Poster

2008 Summer Flyer

CSI Newsletter, January 2008

  • Greater Centerville Historians Schedule
  • Manitowoc County Historical Society Events
  • Lutze Housebarn Workday Schedule
  • Janet Lutze wins Bob Fay Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Wisconsin- the Beginnings, article by C. Bauer
  • Grandma's Apron
  • Building a snow hut

CSI Newsletter, July 2007

CSI Newsletter, June 2007

Lots of newsletters created for '05 and '06, but alas they have not made it here yet........

CSI Newsletter, March/April 2004  Articles about:

  • Chris's Travels and MO Housebarn
  • Workday schedule
  • Silliness
  • Old World Wisconsin Workshops
  • Obeying the Rules (food and kitchen management)
  • History of matches
  • How Manitowoc was named

CSI Newsletter, Jan/Feb 2004  Articles about:

  • Shopping locally
  • Lunch discussion topics
  • Elections
  • Germans in Wisconsin
  • Aunt Norma's German Potato Salad recipe
  • Old World Wisconsin
  • Cow Digestion and Cow Facts
  • Ice Cream
  • Dairyman's Prayer


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