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Lutze Housebarn 'Workdays' begin April 9th 2022, hope to see you there/here!Events/Calendar

Past Events

Jump to our Google calendar below for all dates and details (updated daily and weekly).   Or click here for address and directions to the Lutze Housebarn.
For 2022 we are excited for continued reconstruction on a west end timber joist replacement, south upper level door, and replacement of a previously removed post on the south wall second level where a window was cut into the original framework; and fun educational opportunities for all with organizing and documenting of our artifacts and documents collections!
For events we are in need of volunteers in many areas.  If you're interested in helping out with either, please contact Richard Lutze or Kathy Pearce.   Our historic garden, grounds, and building all make use of volunteers to keep things moving forward as well, please give us a call for details!
Want to learn or share a trade or trade skill?  Join in at our workdays 2 Saturdays per month, please see the schedule and workday details below/here.
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Internship Opportunities or to

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Calendar of Workdays and Special Workshops and Events
Note that Workdays this year are first and third Saturdays and other days by 'appointment'.  Some events require pre-registration or may have a fee, please contact Chris if you need more information.  All activities based on appropriate care and concerns about Coronavirus and COVID-19.
If you'd like to join in with timber framing and stone masonry, we can use your help, no experience required!  Primary areas for year 2022 include cataloging of artifacts, timber frame structural repair, stone masonry, door and trim finish carpentry, perhaps some clay nogging, siding, and window carpentry.
Spend quality time and have fun while learning a historically significant skill in a rural setting.  All are welcome, things to do for the whole family, this is an all ages show!
For first time volunteers, and for those who prefer to watch the progress and "old-time" crafts, tours of the 3 story 90 foot long half timbered structure will be featured along with related demonstrations and stories of the old timers of the area. 
What's involved with a 'skills learning day' at the Lutze Housebarn??
The Lutze Housebarn is one of the sites featured on a recent Barns of Wisconsin documentary.  Everyone interested in preserving rural history, wood working or learning old time skills is invited to participate! 
How to prepare for a Housebarn Skills Learning Day
Wear work clothes and sturdy shoes or boots, and bring gloves.  We can provide tools and materials, along with training!  
If you have safety equipment such as goggles, hearing protection, hard hat, etc., bring them, if not we will have them for you.
Please "register" in advance, it helps a lot in both our food and tool planning.
For further information and registration, please contact volunteer coordinator Kathy Pearce at phone (920) 451-1134 or email kpear2002 (at) yahoo.com.  (Change the (at) to an @ sign).

Workshop Details (2022 Events and Details TBA)

Workshops are one to three day training and work opportunities.  Costs to participants is typically about $60.  We provide noon meal each day.

Trades Worker Program (2022 descriptions and details TBA)

For those interested in learning and doing a particular trade such as timber framing, stone masonry, collections documentation, or even clay nogging, these lightly paid positions are for those wanting to work with us for a weeklong learning and doing experience.  All training and tools are provided.  Housing and meals can be arranged.

Summer internship opportunities

For 2022 we were looking for two college level students:

If you are inquisitive about structure and history, and with experience or majoring in architecture or structural engineering; we need your help to complete our CAD documentation project begun a number of years ago for the Department of the Interior's HABS/HEARE library.  Estimated 100 hours. if you are the one, please contact us for more information and application/pay details.

If you are a "techie" and would like to help with implementing latest technology for virtual tours as well as on-site interpretive tools, and perhaps reaching into smart-phone app's for road tours, we should talk!!  Estimated 75 to 100 hours, your chance to help set the national standard for outdoor museums and tours.

How to get to the Lutze Housebarn:
Go west from I-43 exit 137 marked "Cleveland", 3/4 mile to Union Road,  then north .9 miles to the Lutze Housebarn service driveway to your left, just before you come to the first woods on the right. 
Our street address is 13630 South Union Road, Newton, WI 53063.
Phone numbers at the site only answered on work days is 920-693-3454 and for the Restoration Director anytime call or text mobile 920.918.2405.
See map and more directions.

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