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Lutze Housebarn 'Workdays' have begun April 22nd, hope to see you there/here!Johnson Barn Stabilization/Repair


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April 13, 2006 Chris Kuehnel did a brief walk through with Rolf, of the Johnson Barn just north of Cleveland.  We found and identified significant damage from moisture at the perimeter, failing foundation elements, and animal and tree damage.  The standing seam metal roof is in very good condition and the barn is repairable over a three to six year timeframe.  Without immediate prioritized attention as detailed, it can be expected that this structure will fail during the next 12 months.

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In our view this would be the best sequence of work:

By June 1, 2006:

  • 1) have a gutter installed on the north roof to keep moisture away from the building.  Anticipated cost $750 by contractor.  See Pic A.
  • 2) remove the two large trees on the barn hill and west of the hill, and trim back all branches on all other trees within ten foot of the building.  For the cedars in the corners of the shed, trim all branches within two feet of the building.  Owner to do the work, or we can do it for $750 total.  Owner to maintain trees each year.
  • 3) Owner to cleanup barn hay mow floor so all can be accessed and made safe.

By July 1, 2006

  • 4)  install vertical temporary braces in the barn basement.  One in the NE corner, one next to the stairs, one to replace the missing one near the SW corner, and a row of posts across the approximately 35' of south wall and 3 to 5 foot in from south wall, to be installed at a 2-5 degree angle back to the north to oppose the tendency for the floor joists and girders to slide south as it has been doing.  Lift and support south center main posts to align plate and wind braces in hay mow.  Design for two to three year life.  Cost: $1000-1500.  Pics B,C,D
  • 5) build and install two large barn doors for the north and south sides to replace those which have been removed.  Cost $1500.  See Pic A.
  • 6) Owner to remove burrowing animals that are undermining foundation in several locations.
  • 7) Cover failed barn floor boards with planking or OSB 'chipboard'.  Cost: $350.
  • 8) Stabilize brick infill in north building.  Cost $50,  See pic E.

By July 1, 2007

  • 9) owner to remove the old hay/straw in the west mow
  • 10) repair the west wall with technique to be determined at that time.  Anticipated cost: $2000+.
  • 11) replace failed barn floor boards  Cost: $500 less recovery of any usable OSB from 2006.

By July 1, 2008

  • 12) repair/replace the south portion of the lower wall.  Anticipated cost: $2500 if foundation is usable.  Pic C.
  • 13) do minor repair and stabilization as needed on the north and south sheds.

We are able and interested in doing all work except for the hanging of gutters.  Can do the barn door construction or you can let that to another contractor.

All costs are approximate and are presented here solely for planning purposes.  Building condition and thus costs to repair more than three months in the future are not predictable and will need to be re-quoted before that portion of the repairs is to be done.

Chris Kuehnel
Elemental Services

Phase 1 Progress and Completion Pictures (scroll right or left and view medium pic below).


South door installation.


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