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Are you wondering just what to do about an old farm building? 
A new use, fixing a problem, or celebrating the heritage?


Over the past four decades, Centreville Settlement members have gained expertise with hands-on historical restoration, attended workshops and classes in timber framing, participated in historic conferences and taught at hands-on seminars.  Having farm backgrounds, a respect for timbered buildings, and a desire to preserve agricultural heritage, some members of the group offer consulting to the general public on farm buildings.  Where appropriate we can advise on licensed engineers for structural issues in public buildings.

Services typically may include one or more of the following: 

  • Review of general shape of buildings, structural integrity and concerns

  • Verbal walk through of site with contact person.

  • Documentation in writing, by still photography, video photography or digital photography or any combination of what is observed.

  • Suggestions on what may be done to remedy or correct a particular situation.

  • List of other resources for further work in engineering areas, equipment requirements, general contracting, historical digs and more.

Suggested Fees:

  • A donation of $175-250 for written and/or other media (up to 6 pages of review & suggestions),  additional copies of media at cost.

  • A donation of $125 for a walk through.

  • Travel outside a 30 mile radius of Cleveland, WI is provided on a time and material basis .25 per mile plus $15/hr travel time.

Please note that donations are only tax deductible for amounts contributed beyond the value of services received by the donator.

Owners wishing to get their own actual hands-on experience can come to other site(s) for learning.  Also, members or other contractors can come to your site to perform the labor for hire.

For scheduling on-site time or to see a sample review project, please contact Restoration Director Christopher Kuehnel via email (chris (at) centrevillesettlement.com).   You may also check out one of our two sample review projects here in the web too!  One is the Mark Z town barn, and the other is a northern Manitowoc County farmstead.

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