DiCAM User's Group of North America

(DUGNA for those that like acronyms)

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These web pages are intended to be an area for users of Dietrich's NA software products for 3D CAD/CAM.  It's constructed and maintained with the assistance of Dietrich's staff, however we are not directly affiliated with the company and the comments found here-in are entirely those of the users.  Our appreciation to Centreville Settlement for sharing their hosting with us.

The web site includes:

bulletAn on-line discussion forum called DiCAM (removed Feb 2009 due to abuse)
bulletincludes tips and tricks
bulletuser to user assistance
bulletlinks and demo suggestions
bulletcomprehensive printable articles on procedures and techniques from users and Dietrich's staff
bulletAbility to review and submit virtual reality files for public viewing
bulletLinks to Virtual Reality Viewer Downloads for users/viewers without those tools
bulletemail addresses of users/members and Dietrich rep's that have elected to share theirs
bulletsubmitted photos and drawings

The User's Group also offers:

bulletRegional gatherings in fun places to discuss, demonstrate, and use the software in order to learn from each other
bulletCoordination of travel, work trips, tours and training in Germany, starting in January 2003 with the trip to Rottweil for the Timber Framer's Guild trip
bulletat this time we have no officers, committees, or board, and no membership fees.  All this cool stuff is just the result of users contributions for the benefit timber industry and other users, an optimistic bunch we are!


All pages, articles and submittals are in the public arena and are not to be reprinted for profit.

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