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Virtual Reality



Virtual Reality

We're working on this page..... you'll soon be able to download sample (often a professional end result?) files for virtual reality touring.  If you're not familiar with this, you'll be able to look at timber frames (or any kind of structure) from 'a far' then move closer, into and 'walk around' the structure to see how it feels.

To view these VRML (virtual reality modeling language) formatted files, the browsing computer needs to have software for virtual reality viewing.  If you don't yet have this type of software, you'll find some links below of places where you can download virtual reality viewers for free.  In our discussion section, you'll probably also find some articles about viewers and comparisons of different tools and features.

Sample Files

Click on any of these files to review the structure design.  Complex files can get large, we'll try to show a comparative size and estimated times for download at 28kb and 56kb dial-up speeds.

All virtual reality files will open a new window with the viewer running.  When you're done touring, just close that window and you'll be returned here.

Dutch Shed by Jim Rogers Dec 12, 2002 (750kb VRML in .WRL format)

These three sample frames themselves and the virtual walk-thru here were both created by Chris Kuehnel and Dietrich's Timber 3-D CAD/CAM systems during the 2002 Eastern Conference of the Timber Framer's Guild.  They are here primarily so we as a group can check out virtual reality modeling and how to include in web pages.....


Click here for a virtual reality walk-thru of the structure.... sample 1 under evaluation....


or sample 2 evaluation


or sample 3 evaluation.

If you are a DiCAM user and would like to submit a file for public review, please send it to Chris Kuehnel.

Virtual Reality Viewing Software

If you need a Virtual Reality Viewer we offer links to several.  All these links and download options will open a new window, just close that window when done and you'll be returned here.

Problems or questions about VRML?  Check out this page for outdated but nonetheless helpful information: http://fly.hiwaay.net/~crispen/vrml/get_browser.html

Click here for download options from Parallel Graphics.  Typical one time viewer download is 3-5 minutes at 28.8. 

CosmoPlayer (claims to not be Windows XP compatible but seems to work fine).

Link to instructions for CosmoPlayer Quality Settings (close window when done reviewing to return here.)

Coming soon: If your machine doesn't show wood textures, you can download the standard DiCAM textures to your machine by clicking here.  Save the files to the same folder where you saved your VRML file.