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Lutze Housebarn 'Workdays' begin April 9th 2022, hope to see you there/here!


Three to four beginning apprentices will be invited to spend 1 week at the Lutze Housebarn working with the Project Director and other experienced members and invited preservationists.

Centreville Settlement’s objective in sponsoring the internships is to educate people in restoration skills that they may preserve the skills as well as the historic buildings, and for them in turn to share their information that others may preserve historic buildings.  Of course, in so doing work continues on the Lutze Housebarn project. 

As stated in Centreville Settlement’s Mission Statement, our goal  is to preserve the architectural and cultural farming heritage of the Centerville area. 

Timber Framing Repair Internship Specifics

 Date of Internship

The exact date will be driven by the students and the instructor, tentatively it is scheduled for July 18-23 2005.

 By the Completion of the Internship

             1. The learner will have intermediate skills in:

  • analyzing physical stress placed on timbers in considering replacement

  • the techniques for "original" joinery and repairs

  • structurally preparing a building for timber replacement

  • use of period tools for each craft

  • determining which timbers need repair and finding replacement timbers

  • analyzing various woods and possible replacement options

            2. The learner will also develop basic skills in

  • recognizing architectural difference in various German immigrant groups

  • assessing foundations of historic structures

  • stone masonry repair (possible)

3. The learner will have an appreciation for the craftsmanship in historic structures and the value of preservation.

4. The learner will have a beginning plan for preserving a building through personal work or by designing a workshop or internship to encourage others to save old buildings.

5. The learner will experience what it may have been like to work along side a neighbor in building their home...  the hard work, the fun and the camaraderie.

The following is a list of equipment we would like interns to bring.

"Must Have":  Hard-hat, safety goggles or glasses, work shoes (preferably with steel toes), work gloves.  If you don't have a hard hat or glasses we can provide.

If you have it, bring it:  Chisels, hand saws, saw horses, T-square, framing square, tri-square, speed square, 2# mallet, hand brace, auger bits (1" to 2"), broadax, adze, and any other old or new tools you think might be needed.  (Please label all your equipment.)

Please read the enclosed program.  I have included a map to the Lutze Housebarn.  If you need help with housing, please contact Chris Kuehnel.  We may be able to find housing with members.  We want you to have a great experience and are looking forward to meeting you.

General Information

Housing:  A list of motels/hotels can be provided.  Assistance can also be giving in finding housing with members. Camping is an option.

Food and Beverages:  Beverages will always be provided.  Full farm style lunches will be provided on regularly scheduled work days.  Other meals are the responsibility of the intern.

Safety Gear:  Hard hats must be worn at all times.  Safety goggles must be worn when working with anything that may chip, splash, splatter or fly through the air.  Safety must always be foremost in everyone’s minds.

Environment:  The buildings to the south of the Housebarn are private property.  Please refrain from wandering over there unless invited.

There are outdoor toilet facilities available and running water. 

The Lutze Housebarn is situated on 6 acres of agriculture and wet land preserve.  It is surrounded by forest preservation making camping an option.

 Target Groups:  

  • Preservationists or people interested in preserving historic buildings.  

  • Owners of timber frame structures looking to learn vocabulary and understanding of issues.

  • Beginning timber framers.

The Internship Program will be advertised through:

  • Timber Framer Guild of America

  • ALHFAM  (Association of Living History, Farm and Agriculture Museums)

  • Barns N.O.W.

  • Centreville Settlement, Inc. web site http://centrevillesettlement.com

  • Wisconsin Trust for Historic Preservation

  • Wisconsin State Historical Society

  • University of Wisconsin-Extension, Barns Workshop

Invited Expert Guests:

Alan Pape - Nationally recognized expert in log houses, has been with the Lutze Housebarn and Centerville Settlement since it’s inception.

Bob Fay - Executive Director of Manitowoc County Historic society, Archeologist, conducted archeological investigation around and in the Lutze Housebarn before restoration activities began.

Jim Schafer - Preservation architect, has been on Centreville Settlement’s Board for 7 years.  Assisted in the analysis of the structural integrity of the building and planning for stabilization of the building during preservation.

Ric Puls - Master carpenter, previous member of Timber Framers Guild, active member             
            Wooden Canoe Association.

Mark Knipping - Executive Director Old Wade House, Mark has worked with Centreville Settlement on interior preservation.


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