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Lutze Housebarn 'Workdays' have begun April 22nd, hope to see you there/here!


Sounds, your chance to hear animals, tools, and people.  Working, living, creating, building.

The first three are links to other web sites.....

Horses walking on concrete.

Cat meowing (for a long time).

Ornery pig squeeling.

Below are for sounds contained within this CSI web site....

Chris doing his bad German English intro to the Lutze Housebarn full quality MP3.

A bad music track air recorded and converted to MP3...

Chris doing his Better Intro to the Lutze Housebarn, MP3 mono and 8000 sampling rate.

Intro to fachtwerke building, 8000 mono......

OK, so now you know it can work, start doing some recordings of tours, tool sounds, people working, bees, eating, you name it!

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