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Lutze Housebarn 'Workdays' begin April 9th 2022, hope to see you there/here!


Centreville Settlement, Inc. has worked with interns and students in the past through the University of Wisconsin - Madison, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Lakeland College and Lakeshore Technical Institute.  Projects have included documenting the building for the National Archives in a CAD program, preparing and documenting the building for the National Registry of Historic Buildings, developing marketing brochures and video, documenting the brick and chimney and preparing a long range planning document for the Township of Centerville for historic, architectural, agricultural, commercial, and environmental preservation and development of the Township.  The latter is actively being used by the Village of Cleveland and Centerville Township in their long range planning.

Centreville Settlement had had two previous workshops in half timber repair and one in stone masonry for historic buildings.  The organization received an award as Historic Preservation Project of the Year from the Manitowoc County Historic Society for  itís workshop in 1998.

Visitors come from across the country on both planned and impromptu basis' to learn preservation skills on any workday.


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