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Lutze Housebarn 'Workdays' have begun April 22nd, hope to see you there/here!Photos

LHB Photos '10

Pictures with a colored border are 'thumbnails' and can blown up bigger by clicking on them!  More recent photos can be found in the page links at the left.  Especially nice is our November 2010 photo page!

DSC00012.jpg (62556 bytes)

Lunch is served and enjoyed by all the volunteers on another perfect weather day.  May 2000.
ckbicpsl.jpg (48505 bytes) Chris shoring up the north sill with his newly designed and made oak wedge pairs.  The sill is carrying most of the wall weight now and will be ready for stonework under it by the second work day. April 22, 2000.
csplank.jpg (29293 bytes) Vernon shows off some of the 2" x 26"x 18' planks donated by Gilbert.  Cut from old growth on his family's property when he was a youngster in the 1920's, and stored in a barn since then.  April 2000.
Glbrtart.jpg (27684 bytes) Gilbert and Arthur hand mixing another batch of high lime mortar for the north wall.  September 1998.
sarawndw.jpg (51183 bytes) Sara Lutze and helper Farouk from Lebanon work on removing 1890's glass from window sashes donated by her and husband Richard.  The vintage glass will be re-cut and used in the remaining windows on the second floor.  April 2000.
csrail2.jpg (59213 bytes) These rails from 1910? were recently donated with intentions of selling them for a fund raiser, anyone out there interested?  Details and further pictures available.  April 2000.

csrail4.jpg (57796 bytes)

Rpwall.jpg (35289 bytes)

Ric Puls getting measurements on timbers for repair in the summer of 1998.

DSC00009.jpg (74279 bytes)

Jim considers how to proceed on making a replacement stub timber for the bottom of a post on the north wall.  May 2000.

DSC00010.jpg (53091 bytes)

He begins layout using framing square.

DSC00013.jpg (108677 bytes)

Jim tries out his adze for a little experiment in cutting a tenon on the end of the this replacement post end.  His conclusion? He found it "a fast easy way to rough out" the joint.  May 2000.

DSC00014.jpg (33358 bytes)

DSC00015.jpg (42182 bytes)

Kate Pearce watches the "new technique" and gets ready to follow suit on the next one.

DSC00016.jpg (50139 bytes)

DSC00017.jpg (62844 bytes)

Using the adze to clean up the half lap that will join the new stub to the existing.

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