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Greater Centerville Historians is an associate group focused on the collection of oral history.
As of October 2017 we are idling.... not getting together on our regular schedule and still looking for a videographer, and new 'coordinator', if you're interested or know someone, please let us know!
As of January 2016 we are looking for a videographer, this requires about 10 hours per month for onsite recording, limited editing, and master DVD production.  In the past, this was volunteer, but we would consider a paid position; please contact Kathy Sixel if you are interested or need more details.
We have been successful with our approach that is structured, and by its nature encouraging.  For each meeting, a topic is chosen in advance and participants receive a postcard.  All are encouraged to bring any memorabilia or small artifacts related to the topic, and the discussion is video taped as each person speaks one at a time at their seat. The memories tend to grow and people can add to their neighbors stories, as well as contrast with them.
Through almost 15 years of this taping, we have accumulated over one hundred DVDs on specific topics of Centerville area history.  Each month's topics have been indexed by text description to aid researchers. DVD's are in the archive library at Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) and are available for viewing there.  Licensed copies are available from our videographer and the proceeds support our work.  Indexes to the series are being developed in 2017, and our entire collection will soon be elevated to "the cloud".
If you are interested in joining or helping us, please contact Kathy Sixel via phone (920-693-8525). 


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