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Lutze Housebarn 'Workdays' begin April 9th 2022, hope to see you there/here!Employment


Employment and Consulting Opportunities with Centreville Settlement, Inc.

In addition to the following, we are looking for a local person that do lawn and grounds maintenance 5 to 10 hours per month May through September.  Our equipment or yours, pay commensurate with experience and equipment, please call for more info! 

Opening- Assistant to the Preservation Director

General Description:  The Assistant to the Preservation Director will report to, work with and be responsible to the Preservation Director.  He/She will plan, direct and teach preservation skills with the Preservation Director.  On the assigned workday, he/she will guide, teach, demonstrate and provide preservation skills in half-timber repair, stone masonry and other structural restoration.

Qualifications:  Qualified applicants will have worked on the Lutze Housebarn Restoration a minimum of 8 hours and/or at the discretion of the Preservation Director.  The applicant must also be a member of Centreville Settlement, Inc.  Must be able to work well with others and feel comfortable directing others.

General Responsibilities:

1. Discuss workday plans before scheduled workday with Project Director.

2. Plan and arrange for tools, equipment and supplies for workday with Project

3. Know and be responsible for safety rules for self, fellow workers, volunteers and visitors and follow safe practices in working with equipment and tools.  Protective gloves, goggles and hard hats will be worn.

4. Work days are 9:00 AM 5:00 PM.  It is expected assistant will be on time.  At beginning of the workday, tools, equipment and supplies will be assembled and set up, electricity turned on, safety gear for volunteers and workers put out. Volunteers and workers are to sign in on volunteer work sheet.

5. Based on the work plan for the day, assistant will teach and direct volunteers and workers in designated tasks.

6. Will clean and store all equipment and tools at end of day, turn off electricity, store supplies, secure Outhouse, pick up litter and discarded items and secure building before leaving. Complete volunteer work sheet for self and volunteers who forgot.

Applicants should send resume and application via email to cqnel (at) centrevillesettlement.com, or US Mail to 1030 Beech Street, Cleveland, WI 53015

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